• A properly installed rain gutter system will collect and carry water safely away from the home and protect it in many ways.
  • Fitting a roof with gutters and downspouts is more than just attaching a piece of metal and a pipe. Roof angles and pitch along with the roof’s valleys and how the fascia is constructed are important considerations in fitting a new drainage system to a home.
  • A roof drainage system should be designed to allow any upper and lower roof to work together, thus eliminating unnecessary downspouts and effectively carrying water away to a predetermined outlet.
  • At Perform Metals, the selection of gutter profile and type of metal (Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Steel, Stainless Steel) are essential considerations. We are extremely knowledgeable of our unique environment here in Hawaii and all our materials are matched metals.
  • Many people, in the consideration of a gutter system, ask: “How long will my new gutters last?” Longevity starts with a properly designed system that works! The correct materials must be used given our environment and NO Mixing of Metals can be allowed (i.e. Aluminum with Steel). A system must be installed correctly. Angles must be set to allow for proper flow to outlets, hangers (NOT SPIKES) should always be used to attach gutters to the fascia. And, Gutter Wedges must be used when installing a conventional Box or K-Style gutter to a Slanted Fascia. Sounds simple? It is! But the single most common factor in the premature failure of a gutter system is how it was installed.