Zinc coil and sheet

The versatility and durability of zinc makes it an excellent choice as a material for roofing. Zinc is highly malleable and can be formed into just about any shape, allowing for incredible freedom in design.

Zinc also develops its own protective patina which gives it a life that greatly exceeds other common roofing materials. Plus, thanks to its naturally forming self-healing properties, zinc roofs provide years of virtually maintenance-free protection.

  • Zinc coil and sheet available in any gauge and any width – 0.015”- 0.080”
  • Stocked in common architectural gauges of 0.7 mm, 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm
  • Mill Finish, Pre-weathered Gray, Black, Red, Blue and Green. Our 4 colors have a 20-year colorfast guaranty.         
  • Heavy layer of backside vapor-proof coating and protective film are available.
  • Our backside vapor-proof coating is 4.5 mm thick as opposed to the 1 mm backer offered by other suppliers.   
  • Coil and sheet supplied in any width.  Standard width sheets are 27.25” and 44.80.” 
    We do not charge for the drop if you require custom width coil or sheet.
  • Panels, tiles and flashings are available for roofs and facades.
  • Custom items produced per your specs.
  • American mined and produced product.
  • Lead-times currently vary anywhere from 2-8 wks depending upon current stock. 

Reasons to use architectural zinc 

There are few materials which are as ecologically and environmentally friendly as zinc. Readily found in the air, water and soil, zinc is essential to life itself. As a key element in every living thing, zinc promotes cell growth and the production of proteins, which are the very building blocks of life. It’s these qualities that make zinc ideal for a wide variety of architectural applications.

Zinc’s longevity as a building material is not measured in years, but generations. While American usage of zinc roofing is more recent, zinc roofs in Europe have seen service lives of more than a century. Given this evidence, it is reasonable to expect that zinc facades will be able to endure 100-300 years. It is also estimated that zinc roofs will last up to 100 years depending on the application and environment. Another benefit of zinc is that it requires little maintenance and continues to develop a protective patina with self-healing properties.

Upon completion of its service life, all zinc building materials are 100% recyclable. Plus, unlike some other materials used for building, zinc can be recycled again and again without losing its unique physical and chemical properties. This is a benefit which significantly reduces the need for new raw materials.

The extraction and processing of zinc is also extremely energy efficient. In fact, the amount of energy required to produce zinc from ore and to process it into rolled zinc strip is significantly less than that required by other metals used for building materials. Even less energy is needed to produce zinc with recycled content. Our zinc with 15% recycled content requires less energy to produce than other common zinc materials with less recycled content.

Being a natural fungistat, zinc not only resists mold, mildew and fungus, but its run-off is clean and will not harm vegetation like other exotic metals can.

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