European style half round copper rain gutters manufactured by World Gutter Systems have a deeper profile than that of other manufacturers. We use a wider copper coil (girth) to fabricate our rain gutters. The shape of this rain gutter allows for optimal water flow, leaving behind fewer leaves and debris. The back lip prevents overflow and locks gutter into place when overlapping one section into another.

You'll notice that the female bell end of the copper downspout is quite pronounced on that offered by other suppliers and easily visible from a distance. Our female end has a gentle flair that is far less noticeable, resulting in a much cleaner looking installation. Our seamless copper elbows have an invisible and very strong weld where the edges are butted up against one another and are then precisely welded. Not only is the fit of our elbows the best in the industry, but our very popular 72 Degree elbow is uniquely designed so that the male end will fit tightly into a piece of “cut” downspout as well as fitting beautifully into the female end of a length of downspout or of another elbow.

Our proprietary heavy-duty copper downspout brackets are the strongest and most versatile on the market. These also were designed by, produced for and are marketed solely by WGS ®. The mounting screw is attached to the bracket using a hidden nut. Both the nut and the screw are removable, thus the same bracket can be used for either stand-off mounting or true flush mounting of the downspout. Only our WGS ® bracket has this feature. Others have a large exposed nut, which does not allow true flush mounting.

WGS ® copper gutter hangers are the strongest solid copper half round gutter hangers in the world. These are WGS ® own design and produced in Italy using a die we had made to our custom specifications. The hangers produced by this machine are exclusive to World Gutter Systems ®. 

We designed our European style copper gutter hangers with a deeper structural rib that travels along the length of the hanger. This deeper rib results in our hangers being far stronger than any others on the market, as well as more attractive. Also, the holes for the mounting screws are recessed so that the top of the head of the screw sits flush with the hanger. The result is that a roof sits flatter upon our roof mount hanger and there is no pressure exerted by the screw against the gutter when using our fascia mount hanger. No other company has this feature.